Not so many people understand that they can get divorce papers not only through the registry office or court but also through the Internet! To file such a request for divorce papers online, you need to use the services of official state portals provided almost free of charge to all citizens of our country. 

Government services can help you with this. There is a corresponding section with a list of points that must be read before the process of dissolution of the marriage. It describes everything you need, all the steps to obtain a divorce decree. As a rule, there are also two ways to divorce. These ways are without children and claims through the registry office, or otherwise through the courts.

How to file for a divorce via the Internet and get divorce papers online?

It is essential to point out that in some quarters and individual moments the application service via the State Services website is not available. It is indicated in the corresponding column that this can only be done personally. That is, by visiting the relevant institution. But at some points, the service is still available, and you can fill out an application in the form presented directly on this site without any problems. Also, there are other relevant ways:

You can get divorce papers online with the help of third-party private law firms specializing in such civil cases. It is enough to draw up a claim on the official website of the chosen organization, using a sample or to indicate only your contact and factual data. The company will make an application on its own, assure it and refer it to the judicial authorities or the registry office, and you will just come there in a month and confirm your intentions, get a divorce certificate and go about your business;

In some cases, it is possible to apply for a divorce via the Internet and not even go to court for the final decision of the issue, that is, to do everything as far as possible and without the personal presence at these repulsive processes. It is relevant to those who do not have the time or desire to do these things.

Lawyers independently do everything you need and offer a hollow package of services, including representing you in court on your behalf. It is rather effortless. However, it is not necessary. The much more convenient process is to order papers online without any lawyers.

But for a divorce via the Internet, you still need to send certified copies of various documents and even originals to companies. We are talking about passport data, marriage certificate, the application for the divorce itself, as well as receipts for the payment of state fees. In some cases, you can get a divorce through the Internet, even without a second spouse!

The first step will be the registration on the site. To do this, enter the passport data with your number in the appropriate fields.

This procedure is required to confirm your account. After its passage, the citizen has many possibilities to achieve their rights through the website, including the implementation of the dissolution of marriage and getting all the necessary documents for free.

After filling in the required fields and selecting the appropriate locality, it is necessary to find the essential service, namely, applying for the divorce. This can be done both by using the search bar and by studying the interface and navigating through the necessary tabs.

Choosing what you need, it remains only to click the button “Get the service” and proceed to the familiarization and filling out the opened form.

If in the process of registration or further use of the site questions arise, then you should refer to the help and support tab.

Data entered in the online form

The form to be filled in for getting divorce papers online in electronic form includes the following data:

  • Detailed name of the branch of the registry office;
  • Further, from the proposed application forms, you need to choose the one that is applicable in a particular case: a mutual decision or by a judicial verdict.
  • In the desired electronic form fit:
  • Data relating to the identity of the spouses (identification);
  • Details of the certificate, which was issued after marriage bonds.
  • The date of registration of the union, the name of the registry office, and the number is required.
  • Information is drawn from the decision taken during the trial;
  • Email address or phone number of the citizen who applied for the service.

In which cases a court decision is necessary?

In some instances, to use the service of divorce on the portal, it is required to provide an extract about the court decision. Before submitting information to the public services portal, spouses must go to court. This is necessary in the following cases:

  • one of the spouses is against termination of the relationship;
  • there are disputes regarding the division of property;
  • the family has small children under 18;
  • any spouse has gone missing;
  • one of the married couples is damaged or in prison.

These circumstances will require recourse to the judge, the decision and the provision of documents from the court. In this case, you can turn your attention to the portal of public services. In other cases, the process of getting divorce papers online happens quickly, and you do not even need to pay money for this. Therefore, do not hesitate with the decision and begin committing it.