Relationships in the family depend on both spouses equally. It is not possible for everyone to keep it in perfect form for many years. Therefore, in our society, one can observe frequent cases of divorces. The process of divorce is complicated. These are the experiences of the right plan and activities related to the collection of all necessary documents.

In some cases, the spouses cost a petition for divorce and the cost of several hours to visit the registrar. But often the divorce process takes a lot of time because you have to visit many instances. At the moment, the procedure for dissolution of marriage can be simplified. It can be produced via the Internet.

 This method has become available to citizens of our country since 2012. Now it is possible to file a divorce using the public services portal. This is convenient because it saves valuable time. Also, many spouses are in strained relationships and do not want to see each other in the process of going through the divorce procedure.

Divorce in this way has several advantages, but, like any legal issue, it requires special attention and has certain features. Today, when the Internet has become firmly established in our lives, and entirely any action can be performed without leaving your home, the remote provision of public services is also developing rapidly.

 This circumstance is especially valuable in those situations when it comes to not only the time spent and the nerves to interact with the bureaucratic machine but also the moral discomfort that the procedure carries. Divorce is one of such situations. We will present all the existing methods of online separation and explain in what circumstances and how each of the proposed options can be implemented.

The divorce process has many facets and nuances in each case, so it is best to conduct it under the guidance of a competent specialist. On the different portals, you can get a free online consultation of qualified lawyers on this and any other issue of family law.

Where to file for divorce: general information

Divorce Lawyer

Before proceeding to the description of the remote methods of applying for divorce, let us recall those government agencies that have the authority to terminate marital relations in various situations.

As a general rule, documents for divorce are filed with the registry offices. There may be a dissolution of the marriage union, in which:

  • There are no joint children who have not reached the age of majority at the time of filing;
  • There is no disagreement regarding the division of joint property;
  • There is agreement on the divorce of both spouses.

Also, the registrar is authorized to grant a divorce petition filed by one of the spouses, if the second:

  • Is in places of imprisonment;
  • The court declared dead, missing or damaged.
  • Applying for a divorce in court is provided for all other cases, and the case may be considered:
  • World judge;

City or District Court in cases where:

  • contested the right to property worth more than 50 thousand dollars;
  • declared counterclaims;
  • disputed paternity concerning the joint child;
  • the incident came on appeal.
  • the question of territorial jurisdiction is also essential in the issue of filing for divorce:
  • the statement of the spouses about the official termination of the marriage relationship is submitted to the units of the registry offices at the place of residence of any of them or the home of registration of the marriage;
  • the statement of claim should be sent to the judicial authority of the responding party (except for cases where the plaintiff cannot reach another settlement for a good reason).
  • apply for a divorce via the Internet

If we talk about the direct filing of an application for divorce in electronic form, then such a service has only recently been provided by the civil registry offices through the portal “State Services” (it is impossible to file a claim in this way).

To apply electronically, it is required:

  • payment of state duty
  • printing a receipt from the portal and paying at a bank;
  • a divorce application form (a scan of a passport is loaded, marriage certificates are entered together with a court decision, if available);
  • the choice of means of notification (SMS, e-mail).

After filing an electronic application followed by an invitation to the registrar to sign the paper version and the provision of additional documentation. The authorized body considers the request for divorce within a month. As a result, the spouses receive a certificate of dissolution of the marriage union.

Today, many specialized companies are ready to conduct a divorce process of any complexity (in the presence of young children, serious property disputes, etc.) without the presence of their client, thereby saving him from having to experience psychological discomfort and incur temporary costs.

The algorithm of working with such a firm, as a rule, consists of the following steps:

  • Acquaintance with the company’s services and their value on its website;
  • If necessary, online consultation with a company specialist;
  • Submission of an electronic application with the provision of the required information in the form proposed on the company’s website;
  • Provision of documents (passport, certificate). Drawing up the bulk of the required documents (in the case of a lawsuit) divorce companies undertake;
  • Registration of a power of attorney for conducting business and representing the interests of the client in those organizations where this is required (a power of attorney certifies the notary);
  • Receipt of divorce papers.

As you can see, it is possible to conduct the divorce proceedings from the very beginning to the end without the personal presence of the parties. Nevertheless, the choice of the company to support the procedure should be approached carefully. Today there is a high probability of being left with nothing, paying for the services of a one-day company or resorting to the help of unqualified professionals.

When choosing a divorce company, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Customer reviews;
  • Availability of a license;
  • Price policy.

In conclusion, we recall that the divorce process in each case has its characteristics, which can vary considerably in both duration and complexity. A specific situation also evaluates the suitability of using remote methods of filing an application and conducting a trial.

In some instances, to use the service of divorce on the portal, it is necessary to provide an extract about the court decision. Before submitting information to the public services portal, spouses must go to court.

And remember that this opportunity can save a considerable amount of money and time for you, so do not hesitate to do it if you need it.